Safety First

Inflated rescue boat (IRB)

Inflated rescue boat (IRB)"PD-520" ("PD-420", "PD-380") intended for man overboard rescue operations, liferafts collection and towage. Inflated rescue boat is beeing maintained onboard in ready-to-launch condition (readiness time 5 min) sheltered by protective cover.

Inflated rescue boat corresponds to SOLAS– 1974/2002 requirements and tested in accorance to IMO Resolution MSC .81(70) requirements.Manufactured under technical supervision by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Rescue boat "PD-380" intended fro vessel with GRT less than 500 reg.t and fishing vessel with a lenght less than 45 m.

Rescue boats "PD-520", "PD-420" and "PD-380" (capacity 8,6 and 4 persons accordingly) manufactured from the certified polyester material with PVC coating.

Type PD-380 PD-420 PD-520
Length, m 3,5 4,0 5,0
Breadth, m 1,5 1,7 2,0
Isolated compartments number 5 5 5
Inflateble kelson + + +
Weight with supply, kg 160 180 210
Capacity, persons 4 6 8
Recommended engine power, h.p. 15 25 40
Bottom type Rigid plating from bakelite plywood and soft bottom