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Production Departy Ltd.

27 Kanonerskyy island, 198184 S.Petersburg Russian Federation

Tel +7 (812) 575-4539
Fax +7 (812) 746-9699
E-mail: mail@prodep.ru

       ABOUT US

Dear Sirs!

Production Departy main activities are:

• Life saving appliances and fire fighting equipment maintenance and surveys;
• Vessel emergency, protective and signal equipment production;
• Foam compounds analysis, dielectrical protective aids laboratory tests, instruments calibration;
• Supply in S.Petersburg and adjacent areas: consumables, inventory, chemicals, tools and equipment supply electrical and automation equipment, spare parts for engines and auxillary equipment; navigation and communication equipment spares
• Life saving appliances and fire fighting equipment supply.

We have approved Service Station for maintenance and surveys of vessel life-saving and fire-fighting appliances and certified Laboratory with electrical and chemical analysis departments

Our production line includes rescue inflated boats,inflatable boats for recreation and hobby, deck and emergency outfit (storm ladders, pilot ladders, collision mats, safety nets, tents e.t.c) signal aids (signal shapes, flags e.t.c), sounding leads.

Supply department comprises experienced staff, own stockhouse with commonly used consumables, materials, tools and spares, and own vehicles for agile onboard delivery.

Production Departy is approved and certified by:
• Classification societies (IACS members);
• National Administration;
• The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters;
• Manufacturers of the live-saving equipment.

The company quality system is certified in accordance with ISO 9000.

Since 2018 year we have opened agency services. We will glad cooperate with your vessels.



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