Safety First

Maintenance and surveys of life-saving appliances

The Technical Department performs regular maintenance and periodic surveys of the life saving appliances:

1. Technical service and re-inspection of the inflatable liferafts manufactured by:

  • UZEMIK (Russia)
  • NPP Dana (Russia)
  • YOULONG (China)
  • HYF (China)
  • NINGBO (China)
  • Survitec Zodiac (France)
  • DSB (Germany)
  • FUJIKURA (Japan)
  • SEA-SAFE (France)
  • Stomil (Poland)




2. Inspection, repair and surveys of deck outfit:

  • Pilot ladders, Storm ladders,Life boat/life rafts embarkation ladders
  • Knotted life-lines
  • Firemen safety belts, Safety belts for working aloft
  • Life lines
  • Chain tackles SWL 0,5 – 4,0 t.
  • Safety nets for accomodation ladders and shore gangways


3. Inspection, repair and surveys of breathing apparatus and compressed air bottles:

  • Medical oxygen breathing apparatus and bottles
  • Self contained breathing apparatus and air bottles
  • Technical surveys and hydraulic pressure test of compressed air bottles


4. Inspection, repair and surveys of personal protective and live saving aids:

  • Inflatable life jackets
  • Rigid life jackets
  • Life buoys
  • Immersion suits
  • Thermal protective aids
  • Firemen suits